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DIY Website Vs Hiring a Website Designer

DIY Website Vs Hiring a Website Designer

When it comes to building a website for your company, there are several things to consider.  Some people choose to use a template to create a website on their own, while others choose to pay a professional website designer or developer.  As with anything, there are pros and cons for each.

Do you want to be in or out of the box?

Using a template may be a quick, easy way to get a website up and running at a lower cost, however, you will be limited.  Whether you are trying to create a certain layout or specific functions, you will only be able to achieve the substance that is included in the original template.  You won’t be allowed to customize your website to suit all of your needs.

By hiring a website designer, they will be able to think outside the box.  Since he or she will be developing your website from scratch, anything is possible.  Depending on how talented your designer is, he or she should be able to incorporate anything and everything you can think up for your site.  The sky’s the limit!

Cost Consideration

You can definitely save some money by creating a website on your own.  Since there is very little involved in creating a template that can be used over and over, these companies can offer their product at a lower price.  They simply create the template once and then sell it as many times as people will buy it.

That being said, the cost of hiring a website designer will be more, however, no one else in the world will have a website just like yours.  Your site will be unique to your company and your needs.  You will choose every detail from colors to fonts to functionality.  Your website will truly be a one-of-a-kind!

Are you ready to hit it out of the park?

In the beginning stages of your company, it may be okay to go with a template based website.  Since most businesses sadly fail, it is understandable that some people may not want to take the risk.

However, at some point, it will definitely be worth the investment to hire a website developer.  Along with creating your website, most professional developers will offer some kind of additional support.  A search engine optimization (SEO) campaign can do wonders in helping your website reach the top of search engine rankings such as Google and Yahoo.  A professional website developer will know how to use keywords, content, etc to get your site recognized quickly!

As I said, there are several things to consider when it comes to who develops your website.  Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, be sure to evaluate all of the pros and cons for each.  You may be more concerned with the initial investment, but be sure to assess what will make more sense for you in the longer run!

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