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Website of the Week

Skinny Taste

Welcome to!  This blog is a compilation of healthy recipes for the average cook.  From drinks to dinners to desserts, this site offers up healthy alternatives for your family daily.  With the national obesity crisis, blogs like this are a welcome site to most at home chefs!

Each recipe is accompanied by a gorgeous colorful picture of every item.  This makes it extremely difficult to not want to stop what you are doing and go make each dish you see!  The pictures pull you in and keep you interested as you scroll through the hundreds of recipes on the site.  As with grocery shopping, I recommend that you not look at these pictures on an empty stomach!

This blog is also extremely organized and user friendly.  There is an easy to use recipe index that coordinates each recipe with a specific category.  Each recipe also offers the nutritional information and recommended serving size.  This helps people to be in control of their portions and keep track of the calories they are consuming daily.  This site is very informative and helpful in keeping your family on track with a healthy diet.

As far as the actual website design itself, this blog is very accommodating to its users.  It’s bright, crisp, clear and organized.  Its SEO campaign looks to be successful as well.  The use of keywords along with links to social media sites helps to promote the site.  Users are able to find and follow this blog via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Along with links to these social media outlets, is shared by its users and exposed to others via the internet which undoubtedly creates more traffic to the site.  This is a smart and effective way to increase followers for the blog.

With the incredible pictures, organization and functionality of this site, it is no wonder that it ranks highly in Google searches for recipe blogs.  It has a great brightness to visually draw users in and the content will keep people coming back for more!

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