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Key Features Every Website Should Have

Wireframe of a website's design

There are certain features that all websites should have.  Whether you are using a template to create a website on your own or hiring a professional web designer to build a site for you, make sure that you include these simple features to make your site both appealing and easy to use which will in turn make it successful.


First impressions are hands down the most important thing for any website.  In order to attract visitors your site must be visually appealing.  If your site it boring or bland, visitors most likely won’t stick around for more than a few seconds.  The look of your site can cost you dearly because if a visitor is turned off right away, they may not even take the time to find out what your company is about or explore your products and services.

Make sure your site is clean and neat in appearance.  The use of colors, navigation and organization can be huge contributors in keeping visitors interested and engaged in your site.  The longer they stick around the more likely they are to find something they want or need.  This of course can translate into a sale or referral.


The easier your site is to use the more likely visitors are to stay longer and keep coming back.  If they know they can find what they are looking for quick and easy, people will begin to count on your site!  As for you, the easier it is for visitors to find information about your company’s products and services, the more likely they are to purchase what they need from you.

Contact Info

Now that you have attracted visitors and made it easy for them to find your products and services, make sure they can get in contact with you.  Even if you have a cart or checkout system of some type on your site, you always want to make sure customers have a way of contacting you.  Perhaps they have found a product, but they need a little more information before making a purchase.  If they are able to contact you for help, they will probably be more likely to go through with the transaction.  If you are offering services, having someone for customers to contact could provide some reassurance to them.

These basic features are so simple to incorporate into your site, but are also extremely crucial.  You need an awesome appearance to pull people in, easy navigation to keep them hooked and a way to get in contact with you to finalize the deal!  Don’t forget this when you are in the process of designing your site!

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