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Helpful Tips For Creating A Cool Color Scheme

Create a converting color scheme

Choosing a color palette for your website is a crucial step in the design process. This may seem like an easy step and possibly not such an important item, however your colors can be the first thing that attracts visitors to your site. Also, color is an easily recognizable feature in which people can associate with your website. Again, think of the Starbucks logo. As soon as people, young and old, see a green circle, they quickly relate that to being a Starbucks. It’s bright and simple and easy to pick out!

First, you need to choose which direction you want to go in before picking your color palette. If you want your site to stand out, you might want to choose bright, vibrant colors such as oranges and reds. If you’d like to look more calming and soothing, you may decide to go with blues, purples and greens. However, if you like the look and feel of sophistication and elegance, neutral colors, such as black, white, brown or grey could be the way to go!

Second, you need to figure out how you’d like to use these colors. You can choose to use contrasting colors which are opposite, yet still complimentary and appealing to the eye. Such colors could be red and green. You could also choose to do something a little simpler like a monochromatic scheme. This is the use of the same color, but in different shades. This can be a very classy and elegant approach.

No matter what look you are going for, as in everything else, you can find free tools online which are easy to use and can help you tremendously in choosing your color schemes. Kuler, Color Scheme Designer and Colour Lovers are just a few to choose from. By using these sites you can look at many different premade color schemes as well as create your own and see how it looks. To find these tools and more, you can simply do a Google search on “color scheme” or “color palette” tools.

Like I’ve said before, picking a color scheme for your company and website might seem like a simple task however, never take for granted how crucial it can become. If you choose the right palette, who knows, maybe one day, people will associate a color to your company as easily as we relate a green circle to Starbucks. That’s definitely a good thing!

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