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I’m sure everyone would love to get something for nothing!  When it comes to your website, this couldn’t be more true.  Especially in the early stages when you are just starting out and paying for various aspects of starting a company and building a website.  Why not take advantage of a few free options to promote your website and get your name out there?

Word of Mouth

Don’t be afraid to mention your company and website to friends and family.  There is no better free marketing tool than this.  First of all, your family and friends have your best interest in mind and want to see you succeed.  Because of this, they will undoubtedly share your info to anyone they come across who could use your services.  Whether it be their friends, coworkers or even people they meet at the store, they will most likely chime in and offer up your contact info to anyone they hear mention the need for services or products which you provide.

Secondly, your family and friends will surely make contact with several people that you yourself may never even meet.  They have their own set of friends, extended family, coworkers, etc.  By broadening your network, you will reach more people without doing any extra work.  The best part is that this again, is still FREE!

Social Media

These days it seems like everyone is on either Facebook or Twitter or another similar social media site.  These sites have become such a strong force in society that some people even have pages for their pets!  That being said, you should take advantage of these free sites to promote your company!  You can easily create an account for your company which displays all of your info, including a link to your website.  You can then market this by suggesting the company page to your friends and family.  Once they “Like” your page, their friends will be able to see your page as well.  Just like word of mouth marketing, you will be able to contact so many more people by going through your family and friends and their network!


By creating a blog on your website and adding to it regularly, you are adding new content to your site as well as giving yourself another way to market your site!  Once you have posted a blog entry, you can post the blog to your social media site, giving your website another link!  The more links you have pointing to your site, the more exposure you have and also the more relevant you will appear to be to the search engines.

Starting a business is always a costly venture.  Building your website should be a top priority and will require an initial investment of some size.  However, if you are willing to do a few small tasks on your own, you can create a marketing buzz without reaching into your pocket!  Don’t be afraid to use these tips.  Just because they are free, doesn’t mean they don’t work!

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